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We help universities and business schools with different objectives including capturing and qualifying leads, engage prospective students and increasing output from paid media campaigns.

Helping students select a programme – an effective marketing strategy for BUas

Partnering with House of Education, BUas utilised Study Choice Advisors over six years to generate quality leads, personalise user journeys, and enhance trust among prospective students.
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It's proven to be very useful! For us the added value is the additional information we get on the leads, which helps us better qualify them for the programme

Diana BeleaMarketing Manager for MBA Programmes

Our website is the most important part of our strategy. We're amazed by how many good leads we get from the site after adding the Digital Advisor.

Jan-Frederic BussSenior Digital Marketing Manager

We are using the Digital Advisor for lead generation and as an extra engagement tool for our MBA. It is more active and personal compared to a brochure as the user gets direct feedback.

Inka DiddensRecruitment Officer

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