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Each Study Choice Advisor is custom-made. You decide which programmes you want the advisor to include. It caters to all types of programmes, regardless of level or subject area.

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Choose the concept that works best for your goals.


Is this the right programme for you?

Highlight a single programme

Give a detailed match to the course content

Convert leads from the programme page


Which programme is right for you?

Differentiate between programmes

Promote up to 100 programmes at once

Convert leads from category pages

Eligibility Checker

Do you meet the entry requirements?

Prepare candidates before they apply

Match candidates to entry requirements

Convert leads from the admissions page

Our magic formula.

Content Tailored To Your Institution

Our team of experts conducts research on your institution and its programmes to develop a bespoke Study Choice Advisor.

Programme Matching Algorithm

In the next step, our data team will refine and optimise the matching algorithm to ensure top-tier programme matches.

On-Brand Study Choice Advisor

We recognise the importance of your brand, which is why our design team ensures that your Study Choice Advisor aligns with your brand identity.

Works with your existing workflow.

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