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Svenska institutet
emlyon business school
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Maastricht School of Management

We are using the MBA quiz for lead generation and as an extra engagement tool. We experienced that the quiz is more active and personal compared to a brochure as the user gets direct feedback.

Inka Diddens

Recruitment Officer

Maastricht School of Management

Swedish Institute (SI)

Our website is the most important part of our strategy. We're amazed by how many good leads we get from the site after adding the quiz.

Jan-Frederic Buss

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Swedish Institute (SI)

ESCP Business School

We have many people interested in our programmes, which is why our recruitment team really appreciates that the quiz is able to help them segment leads and prioritise the right profiles first.

Viktorija Nikitina

Marketing and Recruitment Manager

ESCP Business School

emlyon business school

Our visitors are not always ready to create an account or apply, so offering the quiz is a great alternative to interact with your audience. A valuable benefit is that it tells your audience why they fit with your program.

Elie Krawczyk

Media Planner & Digital Strategist

emlyon business school

ESCP Business School

I really appreciate how autonomously your team works. You took care of everything from the start. The attention to detail and language in the quiz was just perfect.

Jeanne Weckler

Group Marketing Manager

ESCP Business School

Interactive quizzes for Higher Education

There's a time and place for videos, webinars, chats, and brochure downloads. But today’s prospective student is looking for a more instant type of engagement - personal and informative!

Lead capturing

Engaged & well-informed students

The 4-minute quiz offers a rewarding, digital experience that answers the one question on every students’s mind - “Which programme should I choose?”.

Engaging them with all relevant aspects of your programme and school, they’ll happily leave their personal details and are inspired to take the next step.

Lead capturing

Effortless set-up

Great results with zero effort

Whether you want to promote one or many programmes, our content experts carefully research, design and create each quiz for you.

Once approved, adding it to your website couldn’t be easier - no coding or changes to your templates needed.

Integration with your existing processes is seamless, so you can sit back and watch the leads coming in.

Effortless set-up

Data insights

More than just personal details

Every answer in the quiz is stored, so you get insights into their motivation, career aspirations, and educational background.

Use this data to focus your energy on the prospects who are most important to you.

Data insights

Why students love the quiz

Anna-Lena 🇩🇪
The quiz was great...It's overwhelming to just google and read on university websites.Anna-Lena 🇩🇪
Onyeka 🇳🇪
I wanted to know if I’m a good candidate and I got all the info by taking the quiz. Onyeka 🇳🇪
Karijn 🇳🇱
The quiz helped me a lot in my research since it asks all the right questions.Karijn 🇳🇱