How EHL used a new tool to boost interest in hospitality

“A success is when a new tool or a new campaign brings qualified leads, and this does that for us”

Emmanuelle Mary

Marketing Specialist at EHL



prospects in 12 months used the Bachelor Study Choice Advisor.


of users coming from the EHL website completed the flow.


of leads met EHL qualification criteria.

EHL wanted to reach prospective students who hadn’t considered a business degree in the hospitality industry. They used a tailor-made House of Education Study Choice Advisor to engage new students, and then send customised messages to these prospects. 

Finding new audiences and understanding them

EHL Hospitality Business School is renowned in the hospitality industry, so recruiting prospective students who know they want to work in the hospitality industry isn’t difficult. The challenge is reaching new groups of prospective students who would benefit from a hospitality business degree, but who haven’t considered it. 

“We needed to address a new audience, one that doesn’t think of a hospitality business school first,” said Emannuelle Mary, Marketing Specialist at EHL.

EHL needed to do three things:

  • Find prospective students who haven’t yet considered hospitality management
  • Engage and inform them about the possibilities of the degree
  • Gather data useful to EHL to customise their outreach messages to these students

    Engaging new students

    House of Education created a matching product for EHL. The product asks prospective students questions about their goals, background and interests. Using their responses, the Study Choice Advisor provides detailed, personalised feedback - letting the student learn about EHL’s bachelor program in an engaging, dynamic way.

    The Study Choice Advisor highlights the different types of business management students can learn, as well as the kinds of internships and practical experiences available. Students are asked to reflect on the finer points of management, leadership and hospitality. Along the way, data is generated about the student’s level of English, their educational background and whether they’re interested in living in Switzerland or Singapore.

    More engagement from new groups of prospective students 

    This Study Choice Advisor has been used on EHL’s website and in social media campaigns, and is a valuable marketing tool for EHL, says Emmanuelle.

    EHL found the tool was particularly useful in high-priority recruitment countries for the team. 

    “It’s a powerful tool to complement traditional marketing methods,” she continued. “It’s more engaging, and we get a lot of details from the lead, allowing us to follow up with the right communication and the right content.” 

    This is the element Emmanuelle believes can be most beneficial for EHL - being able to tailor their contact with prospective students based on their responses. Calling or emailing a lead and already knowing what they want to accomplish from a degree, and whether they are eligible for the study can make a big difference in the success of that customised outreach.

    There is lots of room for growth for EHL in terms of leveraging the data they get with their leads, says Emmanuelle Mary. 

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