A winning formula for cost-effective lead generation

“Generating leads in a cost-effective manner is always of interest [and] the quiz not only did that, but also helped push the programme USPs.”

Jeanne Weckler

Group Marketing Manager, Master in Management

ESCP Business School


of prospects who complete the Study Choice Advisor start an application.


of prospects who complete the Study Choice Advisor enrol.

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digital recruitment methods for programme.

Jeanne Weckler, Group Marketing Manager for ESCP’s Master in Management programme worked with House of Education to create two Study Choice Advisor marketing tools. One assures prospective students their goals and aspirations align with the programme, and the other assures prospective students of their eligibility for the programme.

    Finding the right candidates

    There are hundreds of Master’s programmes focusing on management available in Europe. The challenge for marketing and recruitment for every Master’s in Management course is highlighting the programme’s unique selling propositions - what sets it apart from the rest. 

    This is true even for well-established schools with excellent reputations. The world’s first business school, ESCP Business School, was founded in 1819. Today, ESCP has six campuses across Europe, is multi-accredited and regularly ranks as among the world’s best business schools. 

    “Generating leads in a cost-effective manner is always of interest,” said Jeanne Weckler, Group Marketing Manager for ESCP’s Master in Management. “The quiz not only did that, but also helped push the programme USPs.”

    ESCP’s Master in Management programme wanted to achieve three goals:

    • Generate cost-effective qualified leads
    • Move prospective students through the funnel toward application
    • Inform prospects about their fit to the programme as well as their eligibility

    Generating and qualifying leads

    Weckler decided to try out a Study Choice Advisor from House of Education, and was pleased from the start at the ease and professionalism of the process of developing the questions and feedback for the tool.

    “The quality of the writing is really good, which is not often the case for agencies based in continental Europe,” said Weckler. 

    The custom-built tool asks prospective students questions about their goals, background and interests. Using their responses, the product provides detailed, personalised feedback - letting the student learn about their fit to the Master’s in Management in an engaging way. 

    It’s an excellent top-of-funnel tool for prospective students, and is prominently displayed on the programme’s website.

    ESCP receives freshly generated leads, with more information than just an email address and a name. Every answer given by prospective students is stored and made available to ESCP’s team, which means they know whether a prospective student has a genuine interest in the programme.

    After some early successes with the Study Choice Advisor exploring fit and highlighting the MiM’s USPs, the House of Education suggested a second Study Choice Advisor to target those prospective students who were further along in the funnel and assess their eligibility.

    The eligibility checker Study Choice Advisor is featured as a link on the website, a little more buried than the fit Study Choice Advisor, but easily found by those who are curious whether they are eligible for the programme. 

    More qualified leads

    Each Study Choice Advisor tool has its purpose, and Weckler said she has been very pleased with the lack of competition between the tools. 

    “It’s not the same people taking the eligibility quiz and the fit quiz,” said Weckler. “There’s less than a 5% overlap.”

    The benefit of the eligibility checker tool goes beyond a simple list of requirements, said Weckler. 

    “The eligibility tool gave us the opportunity to ask about test scores, and then in a soft way say ‘your score is a little low compared to our average score,’ but not in a harsh way,” she continued. “We don’t want students to self-select and say ‘oh, I’m not a good fit’ with firm ranges on the website.”

    Weckler says the two Study Choice Advisors together generate great leads. 

    “They’re complimentary, addressing people at different points in the funnel,” she said.

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