Train Facebook and Instagram to target qualified leads

Webinar Clip / 4 min

How House of Education’s Digital Advisors work

  • Matching students to your school or programme (from awareness to application)
  • Capture leads, but also data beyond contact information: Building your “ideal student profile.”

Webinar Clip / 4 min

How to harness the power of Facebook and Instagram algorithms

  • Teach Facebook to show your ads to people with similar characteristics as your ideal profile
  • Complement the targeting functionality already on social media

Webinar Clip / 4 min

Choosing the right objective for your Facebook or Instagram campaign

  • Why you need to choose the right objective Traffic vs Lead objective
  • How going for traffic alone costs more

Webinar Clip / 4 min

Go beyond Facebook standards - get qualified leads, not “just” leads!

  • Target and capture leads that have the profile you’re after
  • Going beyond Facebook’s lead objective with a custom lead event
Vugar Gasimli

Vugar Gasimli

Media Planner

Vugar Gasimli is Media Planner at the House of Education. Vugar is an experienced digital marketer, certified in omni-channel advertising. He is enthusiastic about learning new things every day and loves to play table tennis.

Jessica Brophy

Jessica Brophy

Content Director

Jessica Brophy, Ph.D. is House of Education’s Content Director, and holds a doctorate in Communication from the University of Maine. Her professional background includes working as a journalist, editor, content manager and more.

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