Understand your future students: Insights from 250,000 leads

Every year, House of Education collects more than 250,000 prospective student leads and more than 6.2 million data points. Our Digital Advisors gather information from demographic background info to ‘soft data’ about student interests and program preferences. In this 30-minute live-recorded video, we share those insights on trends and patterns, so you can plan for your next intake strategy and beyond.

House of Education’s Content Director Jessica Brophy shares data insights on:

  • Which factors indicate a higher likelihood of application
  • Which channels are most successful in different markets
  • How students are (or aren’t) understanding your USPs
  • Ideas for putting this knowledge to work for you

If your job requires you to understand prospective student concerns, interests and behaviours - this recording for you. Higher ed marketers, international recruiters, admissions team members and others can all benefit from these data insights.

Jessica Brophy

Content Director

Jessica Brophy, Ph.D. is House of Education’s Content Director, and holds a doctorate in Communication from the University of Maine. Her professional background includes working as a journalist, editor, content manager and more.

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