How University of Gothenburg attracted the right students

"It feels good to be where the students are. Implementing these solutions as part of the programmes’ social media efforts was an early success."

Johanna Fransson Tellander

Communications Officer for Mathematics and Physics Programmes

University of Gothenburg


of leads ended up applying to a programme.


of enrolled students have used the matching quiz.


of leads used the tool at least 3.5 months before application.

University of Gothenburg’s Physics and Mathematics bachelor-level programmes attracted prospects through an engaging campaign solution on social media and their website.

“The big challenge is to attract the right students. The quiz is a check: this looks like something for me.” - Johanna Fransson Tellander,  Communications Officer for University of Gothenburg’s Mathematics and Physics Programmes

Attracting the right students

Swedish universities offer a dozen bachelor-level mathematics courses, and more than double that number for physics, so standing out among the domestic competition is a challenge. Not only is it tough to stand out, in order to study these programmes students need to meet eligibility requirements such as previous studies in natural sciences with grades at acceptable level, and of course, have the right interests and career ambitions. 

“The big challenge is to attract the right students,” said Johanna Fransson Tellander, Communications Officer handling recruiting for University of Gothenburg’s Mathematics and Physics programmes. The quiz acts as a sort of check to see whether the programme meets the student’s needs, said Tellander.

University of Gothenburg needed to do three things:

  • Raise awareness of GU’s mathematics and physics options, especially on social media
  • Direct students to the right physics programme
  • Connect and engage with students interested in mathematics

Boosting visibility & engaging prospective students

House of Education created two matching products for University of Gothenburg. Each product asks prospective students questions about their goals, background and interests. Using their responses, the product provides detailed, personalised feedback - letting the student learn about the programmes in an engaging, dynamic way.

The first product matched students to GU’s mathematics programme. In this case, it was all about showing whether and how the student suits the programme. The product engaged prospective students by asking: Is mathematics right for you? 

For physics, the solution matched prospects to either a three-year general physics programme or the five-year medical physics programme. Many students interested in physics don’t know that it’s even possible to focus on medical and radiation physics, so the product can help inform and educate students on that possibility, as well as the other options within general physics.

More engagement!

This matching solution was used in paid media campaigns on TikTok and Instagram as a way to raise the visibility of the three programmes - and it worked out well, says Tellander. 

“It feels good to be where the students are,” she said. Implementing these solutions as part of the programmes’ social media efforts was an early success for the programmes, she continued. 

The number of students who enrol who have used one of the two matching products is impressive - an average of 21% across the three programmes, with nearly 1-in-4 of the mathematics students using the product. 

Overall, University of Gothenburg has found the product solution to serve as an important touchpoint for prospective students. ‘We’re building awareness of our programmes,’ said Tellander.

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