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Transform student recruitment with personalised matches

Every prospect wants to know which of your programmes is right for them. With thought-provoking questions and intelligent matching technology, you'll engage prospective students in a more powerful way than AI bots – and ultimately give them an accurate match to one of your programmes.

Transform student recruitment with personalised matches

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Program Finder

We analyze your programs, identify key nuances, and develop tailored pathways using precise questions. Whether it's 2 or 30 programs, our finder ensures the perfect fit.

Eligibility Checker

Covering education level, field of study, English proficiency, test scores, and beyond, we provide instant feedback to user how well they meet your basic entry requirements.

Program Matcher

With our Program Matcher, we pinpoint the perfect program fit. Users receive detailed insights into course content and class profile alignment. Gain the certainty you need when deciding: Is this the program for me?

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A success is when a new tool or a new campaign brings qualified leads, and this does that for us

Emmanuelle Mary, Marketing Specialist

Reach more qualified leads in your next campaign with a Digital Advisor

What’s your perfect lead? With a Digital Advisor in your campaigns you'll target those profiles with laser sharp precision. The result? Many more qualified leads who convert at a higher rate for the same marketing budget!

Enjoy a 20% conversion rate traffic to lead, and up to an 80% qualification rate.

How you can use a Digital Advisor in Digital Marketing
Capture leads

Students get information and you get data - 7 in 10 prospects hit submit. Collect the most promising leads from your own website - or use in paid media.

Segment and qualify

With 20+ data points on a lead you will know who is qualified and ready to enrol. Send the right message to the right student at the right time.

Shape your strategy

Put your marketing money where it counts - build on your conversion successes, evaluate channels to find the best leads and target them effectively.

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