House of Education

Well-informed decisions increase the odds of success.

Our mission is to help students make informed decisions where to study. We believe that the better a student understands what the school and programme have to offer, the better the university will succeed with their recruitment.

We’re an international team truly passionate about education and digital communication. We’ll support your digital growth and we put you in the middle of an innovative team that works dedicatedly to make an impact on your recruitment funnel! Our solution is the interactive quiz that acts as a “Digital Student Advisor”. The quiz solution is used by education institutions worldwide in several languages

House of Education and the quiz platform were born in 2019. In 2021, 250,000 students used a quiz to learn more about a study programme. That’s 250,000 student leads delivered to our university clients.

Join us in the quest to educate the world by starting with more informed choices.

Pernilla Carlström

Pernilla Carlström