Helping universities find, understand and reach prospective students.

Universities are expected to provide a personal, engaging experience for every prospective student. We help institutions collect and use data to do just that.

What We Do

Data-driven outreach is the foundation of today’s marketing strategies, and it’s necessary to deliver a personalised experience to prospective students. We help universities gather and use data to tailor their outreach to those students who will not only convert and apply, but ultimately enrol. The Digital Advisor, our marketing and data-capture tool, gives prospective students an accurate and unbiased assessment on their fit while collecting rich data. It’s a win-win: universities receive qualified leads and students receive information about how well they suit a programme or university. We also offer lead nurturing and communication strategy assistance.

Who We Are

As a Swedish marketing and educational tech company, House of Education is a client-focused team of 15 based in Stockholm. We have more than 10 nationalities among our ranks and we’ve been serving universities since 2019. We’re passionate about marketing and outreach, higher education and exploring what tech and data can do to connect students and universities.

Pernilla Carlström

Pernilla Carlström