Guide students to enrolment

Move prospective students through your funnel.

Choosing a programme or university isn't like picking out a new rug or a pair of shoes. It's a major life choice.
Personalized Emails
With our Digital Advisor, potential students answer a series of questions and imagine themselves at your university or in your programme. In turn, each answer they give becomes a valuable data point for your recruitment efforts.

Boost funnel performance

Send the right message to the right student to move them further along to enrolment.

Create tailored emails

Use more than 20 data points to send highly relevant content in an automated email flow.

Improve your calls

Know more about your leads and have better conversations with them.

Guide your lead

Help them feel understood and supported from discovery to application.

Don’t know where to start? We do.

We do data-driven lead nurturing and automated (highly personalised!) email flows. We can integrate with your CRM, help you decide where to advertise, and collaborate on a strategy that gets results.


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