Engage, advise & capture.

Responsible for a single programme, multiple programmes or your whole school? Our content experts create a Digital Advisor that helps you achieve your goals.

Digital Advisor

Match students to a programme

Do you have a lot of similar programmes? Do you receive applications to programme X that were better suited to programme y? The Digital Advisor matches students to the most suitable programme based on their interests and background.

Engage and capture students wherever you list your programmes. Include 2 to 40+ programmes in one quiz.
Offer personal guidance to your prospective students and boost their motivation to apply to the right programme.
The user answers a series of questions (interests & background) and is matched to one of the programmes you include in the quiz.
Demo quiz

Digital Advisor

Showcase your programme

What makes your programme special and what kind of student would you like to see in your classroom? Complement your toolbox of existing engagement activities to clearly communicate programme USPs and check students' eligibility.

Engage more students on your programme pages. Highlight unique aspects of your programme in one quiz.
From awareness to decision; use this quiz to reassure applicants or inform future students about your programme.
The user answers a series of questions to receive personal feedback on whether the programme is a good fit for them.

Digital Advisor

Promote your university

Every university has its own profile and focus areas. Is your campus life out of the ordinary? Do you have a unique teaching mode? What is the study destination like for international students? Tell your story in 4 minutes and attract more prospects to your school!

A more personal alternative to video. Inspire future students on your homepage by showcasing your university in a quiz.
A perfect top of the funnel activity! Capture student leads who show an active interest in your school and are ready for your follow-up.
The user answers a series of questions about their preferences and expectations to find out if your university is what they’re looking for.

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